Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Update

Hey All!!! So if you haven't heard, MYA IS HOME!! We kind of kept it a little secret, but we were told by her therapist on Sunday that she thought she could go home as early as Monday. Apparently before I got there on Sunday, Mya's docotor had done his rounds and told her that Mya has been doing fine and he would look at her chart on Monday and probably discharge her. She made that countdown that I talked about in the last update:) So I got to the hospital on Monday morning and we still didn't know for sure, but things got crazy cause the nurses we're preparing us to go home. We had pictures and all kinds of education. Lots of preparation and excitement. Things were just crazy. Mya's doctor did rounds at 10:15am and filled out her discharge papers then! I was so thrilled. I just couldn't belive it. Randy got off work at 4:15 and we picked her up and headed home! It was just surreal and everything happened so quickly!! We've been home all day and things are going great. XOXOXO Naomi, Randy, and Mya.

Mya in her carseat in the NICU, ready to head home. She loves her carseat and falls right asleep in it!

Mya's first time in her crib. We got her home and it was like, okay what should we do with her!? She was sleeping, so we thought, let's just put her in her crib:) She likes it:)


ashleykmorgan said...
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ashleykmorgan said...

I am so excited that she is home! I have been checking the blog all day to see if you posted a message! I can't wait to see pics of her in her new room and I can't wait to see her at home!! I will be there Wednesday night, unless plans have changed. Call if you need anything from Fargo!

James, Keisha, Nevaeh & Bodin said...

Yeah Miranowski Family- Glad to hear you all home together. How are the dogs taking it? I can't believe how tiny she looks in her car seat. Bodin definately looks huge now! We are thinking on heading over Thursday. I'll call you later to make sure that works with you guys. Call me if need anything!!

James, Keisha, Nevaeh & Bodin said...

In the top picture of you, you look great! You don't even look like you were pregnant.

Jim & Nancy Grotluschen said...

Sure hope everything is going good for you at home. Isn't fun to have her home. What a cute picture of all three to you - you all look so very happy.

If you need anything just let us know we are only a hop, skip and a jump away. If you ever need anything brought home from town just call me at work.

Lots of Love - Nancy

Lisa K said...

Hey naomi and Randy - So glad to hear Mya is home and you are now one big happy family.
Way to go Mya you have evened the score for dogs to humans in the Miranowski household. Grandma Lisa can't wait to hold you this weekend! Love you all
Grandma Lisa