Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday and Sunday Update...

So Saturday was a very, very good day. Mya's doctor agreed to change her feeding goal from 100% to 80%. The order came into affect at 2pm on Saturday. We were there at noon to feed her and she did 80% then and did it again at 3pm and 6pm. My sister-in-law, Amy Miranowski's, sister Heidi (they also happen to be cousins of mine) said she had been praying for Mya and did an adoration for her on Friday and promised us that she would eat this weekend! And she has been! Prayer is an amazing thing and it's what's helping us to get through this. So, keep it up you guys. Randy just called the hospital to check on Mya, it's Sunday morning, because we were dying to know if she'd kept up the 80% all night, because at her 3pm feeding today that would mean she'd done it for 24hours and then she'd be one huge step closer to coming home. Well- just hit a road block at 9pm last night and didn't do much of her bottle at all, maybe 10%- so the countdown clock was reset. She's been eating 80% now since midnight last night- so 24 hours would be midnight tonight! The suspense is killing me and this little girl has no idea how much is riding on her eating that 80% of the bottle!! Once she does it for 24 hours, it's maybe another 24 hours to go through a discharge checklist of stuff and then she'll be HOME!!!!!! This is so HUGE you guys:) I'll keep you all in the loop. Below is pictures of Mya's room(s). All ready for her.

Randy and I just put her crib together this morning. Mya's nook upstairs in our bedroom.

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muttamypopilily said...

Hey "3 in a Fam"~

So nice to spend some time with you this wknd! Mya is a very fortunate little girl to have 2 ROOMS! They look perfect!

Love Ya~ The Mutt's