About Me

THIS is the day my whole life began...

Our First Christmas as a "Family".

Randy and I. 

We met in 4th grade when he sat in the desk in front of me. We started "going together" (as we called it back then) the summer after 7th grade. I knew I would marry him by the fall of our 8th grade year. I'm serious.  It sounds so crazy.  I know.  But it's true:)   He didn't know quite that fast, however. I had to convince him I was going to be his everything, too!

Junior Homecoming

Baby Mya. Our whole world.

Growing up way too fast...

What else?  Well,  I'm a 30 something mom and wife who lives in rural ND. I have a degree in English and never really did a thing with it. I work in a pretty non-descript office job. I LOVE being a mom. I envy all my friends who are stay at home moms and am constantly entertaining schemes that will get me out of working and allow me to stay home with my munchkin and play house full time.   I love my family, Pinterest, running, watching movies, the TV show "Parenthood", peanut butter, fall, shopping, reading, decorating, HGTV, coloring, laughing, and blogging:)