Friday, July 20, 2007

Mya Update

Mya still isn't eating consistently. She is, however, eating a lot more out of a bottle than she was. She went from eating 9 mills and 11 mills (less than 1/2 ounce) to 34 mills and 40 mills today (over an ounce). So she's really improved. But, she won't do this at every feeding, so we've still got some ground to cover. But, this is really good news today. I fed her at noon and she ate nearly a whole 1 oz bottle full and that was really cool to see her do. She's NEVER done that before:) She has a physical therapist that sits next to me as I feed her and she does all sorts of goofy things to keep Mya sucking on that bottle. I had no idea they had physical therapists for that sort of thing! She moves her jaw up and down and taps her top lip. Things like that. Mya is also struggling to keep her body temp up. She wasn't having a problem with this before, but they say know that she's exerting so much energy to feed this will happen. She's so little and I keep forgetting she was nearly 6 weeks premature. She looks so normal to me. She's wearing Premie sized sleepers, but her arms are so long that all the sleeves are too short:) Grandma Lisa says she has gorilla arms:) I think she gets that from her dad:) I'm sure you're also all wondering when in the world we think she'll be coming home. Well at first her doctor said to expect atleast by Monday (he told us this the day after she was born). I asked again today and they said they think that's too soon. Because she's been so inconsistent with her eating she needs to stay longer. The nurse today told me to use her due date as a goal and I about died when she said that. That's 4 weeks away and I just don't think Mya will be there that long. So please pray for us so that we can get her home before Aug 20 (her due date). Thanks to all of you for your emails and phone calls of support. Please bear with us as we try to get back to each of you. Keep checking in for updates! XOXO Naomi, Randy, and Mya.

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