Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mya Everly Miranowski has arrived!

An Update on Mya's condition: Mya is doing well. Her IV is out and she no longer needs the breathing tube. She has a tube that runs through her nose down into her tummy. They inject formula and mom's milk into this tube to feed her. She has eaten out of a bottle, but does really well one day and then wants nothing to do with it the next. As soon as she consistently eats out of a bottle we can take her home. You can about imagine how excited we are for that. She's back up to her birth weight, so that's really good. She digests all her food and is a really good burper! You don't even need to pat her back. You just lay her flat and she lets them rip! She's got reddish blond hair that kind of curls when it gets wet:) Mommy was praying for curly hair! She's perfect and we feel so, so blessed.
She's Here!!

Mya Everly Miranowski

5lbs 11oz

17 3/4 inches

born Friday July 13, 2007

Mya and her Great Grandma Beverly. We named Mya after Great Grandma. Her middle name is Everly...Beverly without the B.

Mya with lots of cords and tubing on day one. The tube over her nose is now gone and she' s breathing completely on her own.

Daddy completely worn out from all the excitement!


Ashley Morgan said...

Pretty sure she is the most perfect baby ever born! I can't wait to hold her, sitting next to her just isn't good enough!

Baby Cade said...

aw shes so sweet! welcome to motherhood mam. see yall soon!!!!!!!!! ---- ali

James, Keisha, Nevaeh & Bodin said...

Oh, she looks beautiful! I can't wait to meet her. We are planning to get there soon.