Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Update

Well- I always hated rollercoaster rides and that's exactly what's going on with Mya. A full bottle is 45 millileters and yesterday, like I wrote on the blog, she ate a whole bottle in just minutes. We got here today and her nurse said she's been only eating 5 mills today. I fed her at noon and she at 18 mills. Little stinker! It seems like when she has a good day and eats really well, the next day she's completely tuckered out and doesn't have enough energy to eat enough. She doesn't have a problem with sucking, swallowing, and breathing. She can do that. She just gets exhausted from eating and will just stop. She stares up at you with her beautiful blue eyes and you just know she's done. We're at the hospital all day today. Great Grandpa Bill and Great Great Aunt Joan will be visiting along with Grandma Steph. Great Aunt Donna and Great Uncle Jim along with Second Cousin Ali and Thrid Cousin Cade are home from Atlanta and they will hopefully get to see her today or tomorrow as well. Visitors are always welcome. If you come to see her when we're not here come up to the 6th floor and you'll have to buzz in to get into the maternity ward. Tell them you're here to see Mya Miranowski in the NICU. Once you're in just go up to a nurses station and tell them you'd like to see Mya in the NICU if they could please open the curtains so you can look at her through the window. (You won't be able to actually go in the NICU). If Randy and I happen to be here they will come tell us we have visitors. I'm here everyday for her noon and three o'clock feedings, and Randy usually is here for her 6 o'clock after he gets off work. I'll try to give you an update everyday as I've heard lots of you are checking the blog. Thanks to everyone again for your calls and emails of support!

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