Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're gettting somewhere!

So today is a good day! At 3pm today Mya devoured an entire bottle full! Unbelievable!!!!!! They used to have her in two receiving blankets and another fleece blanket to help keep her temp up and today she's down to just one receiving blanket and they've even let her go without a hat. They're just trying this out to see how she does. Hopefully her temp stays up. I'm here at the hospital now waiting to feed her again at 6pm. I'm praying she does just as well with this next bottle. The nurse warned me not to get my hopes up because she may have worn herself out now and not want to eat out of the bottle again tonight. I don't know....I think she will:) She looks great today and has been awake and I"m even thankful that she's been fussy today as well! Her daddy says she has my "attitude":) Of course Randy has been here with me all day too and says hello to everyone! I'll update you again soon as I just found that there's a computer right outside the NICU that I can use.

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