Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Pics 4 U!

Since she's a preemie, she's supposed to be wrapped up in a blanket all the time, but I wanted to set her free for a little bit, so I put this sweatshirt jacket on her. A little big, but SO cute:)
Mya's first time in her bathtub.

Mya and her daddy

Mya with Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Nancy (Randy's aunt and uncle).

Mya and second cousin Bodin, James and Keisha's littlest.


James, Keisha, Nevaeh & Bodin said...

Mya is even more beautiful in person. It was so nice to finally meet her. Don't worry Randy, James is teaching Bodin how to keep the boys away from our girls. In that picture it looks like he is protecting her already!

ashleykmorgan said...

I need more pictures, I am having Mya withdrawals..... I bet if she could talk she would be asking for me...