Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Here We Come:)

If it's nice out you'll find Randy, Mya, and I hanging out in our backyard every day after work.  Tonight Mya and I decided to clean up some of the flower beds.  There were perennials all over this place when we first moved in.  I love flowers, but the beds were a mess.  We've been working on them little by little since the summer we bought the place.  I want to plant Zinnias behind the garage, so Mya helped me rip out what was there to make room for the new "rainbow flowers" that we'll plant tomorrow night.  Randy and I figured out pretty quickly that it was a lot easier to fill up the back of Mya's gator instead of the wheelbarrow because instead of pushing a heavy wheelbarrow back to the burn pile, Mya can just hop in her gator and drive back there.  Pretty good system we have going:) 
Loading up the gator!

Off to the burn pile!

Ready to dump!

Dakota got ahold of Mya's watering can and bit a hole in it.  Mommy fixed it with duct tape:)

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