Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I hardly took any pictures this weekend.  We were just so busy having fun that I didn't have a chance to pick up my camera:)  Randy, Mya, and I headed out to the lake Saturday morning to spend the weekend with my dad, Ashley, and Ashley's boyfriend, Ben.  We spent Saturday riding 4 wheeler, playing darts in the grainary, and EATING!  Dad, Randy, and I finished up the night with the movie, Hangover 2.  Sick, but funny :)  Today Randy headed out with the guys to fish in SD.  Mya and I hung back at the lake and played bags, and Mya even went swimming in the lake today!  Grandma Jeanne, cousins, and aunts an uncles came out for a visit, too.  Of course we had to end the day with a trip to Granny's Pantry in Battle Lake for ice cream.  Mya and I packed up and headed home tonight and as we were driving down Papa's driveway towards home Mya said to me, "Mom, that was a really fun weekend!".  It was:)

Ben, Auntie, and Mya riding 4 wheeler around the yard.  That's Mya's crazy "need for speed' face:)

Mya had never seen a dart board before, but when it comes to ANY competitive sport, count her IN.  She was a natural.  She'd chuck those darts at the board and they'd actually stick!  She got two bull's eye's.  This kid is JUST LIKE her dad.  Super competitive and good at every darn game on the planet.  She kicked my butt.


Mya's last day of preschool was last week.  It was her turn to bring snack on the last day.  They were headed to the zoo for a feild trip, so we decided to do snack sacks:)  We made cookies, and also threw in little bags of cheese its and bottles of water.  Mya loves to cook and bake, so of course she was a big help:)

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