Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  This was really the first year Mya understood exactly what was going on.  She learned about Santa Claus and his reindeer, we watched all kinds of fun holiday movies, made Christmas cookies, decorated the house and our trees, wrapped presents together, stamped Christmas cards, went light-looking... we did it all! And, without further ado, here are all the pictures to prove it:)

Let's Start from the beginning- the Christmas trees.  I know I've posted a few pics of these already, but I just love them, so here's a few more!
My new favorite ornament.  The "Day After Christmas Shopping" was redonkulous this year!  I bought some ornaments, of course, who could resist!?  Everything is 50% off people!  Load up!  Anyway, I brought the ornaments home and walked over to the tree to put them on.... hmmmm... where shall I put them?  Look for a hole.  Is there a blank spot anywhere?  Hmmm....  can't seem to find one.  Oh my gosh, is my tree full?  It is!  It's full!  Uggh.  I once told a friend, "You really know you've succeeded in life when you can fill the back of your tree with ornaments."  Well, looks like I've made it people!

Who's that crazy lady constantly taking pictures of a tree!?

Mya and Ya Ya (her grandma) made these cute snowman ornaments on Thanksgiving this year.

Mya's first word was "turtle".  That same year I found this adorable little turtle family ornament!

Mya and I made these squirrels this year...

Miss Mya's tree topper.  I hope she "believes" for a long time!!


The first party of the season was the Grotluschen Christmas.  They always do it up big.  The family has gotten so large that they've started renting out the Senior Center so that we have enough room for everyone!  Here's a pictue of Mya helping her Great Grandpa Grotluschen (Randy's Grandpa) open his present.


Next Up- Daycare Christmas Party

The whole daycare crew!

Mya and her buddy Gabe.

Santa visited the party and brought Mya presents!!  Mya REFUSES to sit on Santa's lap, or even go near him for that matter, but that doesn't mean she won't accept his gifts:) 

The kids all draw names for gifts and Mya got these receiving blankets for her babies.  They are a hit!  We swaddle them, too.  She put them all "to bed" when we got home. Adorable.


Making Christmas Cookies!!
Alright Mom- I'm ready!  Let's Do this!

Mya's first job was to put the little cupcake wrappers in the pan.

Next she unwrapped all the little reeses.


Here's the finished product..  Uggh- it's hard for me to even look at these things.  I definitely OD'd on these this year.  They are so good.  Thank you Keisha for the recipe and tips!!

Mya said, "Take a picture.  This is my cookie face!"


Introducing Mya's Christmas Dress:) 
She picked out the clip in her hair.  Very glamourous.  She also loves jewelry, so I bought her some cute little Christmas bracelets. 

On the 23rd we went out to my dad's to celebrate Christmas with him, my mom, sister, and Grandma Bev.
Mya loves whip cream, so my mother gave her a cup full of it! Just whip cream and a spoon!  No wonder she loves her Ya Ya so much:)

Dad's Tree...

Mya and her Auntie Ashley. 

Mya got a portable bed from Ya Ya.  Here she is testing it out with her favorite friends!  Thank you Great Grandma Bev for baby Belle!

On our way home the next day with Baby Belle and Baby Snow White in tow!


Next Came Christmas Eve

Mya all ready to head to church.  She also learned this year that we celebrate Christmas because it's baby Jesus' birthday.  We didn't foget about that part:)


Chrismtas Day!!

All the presents under the tree...

Santa is so smart!  He knew Mya loves cheetos, so stuffed some in her stocking!  That Santa!

Randy tells Mya that he goes to work each day so that he can make money to put in her piggy bank.  Nearly every day he brings her home some change.  Her little piggy bank was plum full, so Daddy thought a new, big one, was in order!

Mya and her first "Baby Alive"

But, of course, the real hit of the morning... bubble wrap!

Great Grandma and Ya Ya came over Christmas morning for breakfast.  Mya talked them into playing her new ice cream stacking game....over and over.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Christmas so wonderful!

Phew!  Composing this monster post was about as exhausting as our Chrismtas Adventures!!!  Happy New Year !!


April Westerhold said...

Loved looking at all of the pics. Glad you had a great Christmas.

april@Party of Five

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

How sweet and pretty that little Mya is. Don't ya wish time would just stand still for a while.