Sunday, October 31, 2010

HApPy hALlOwEeN!

Mya found my witch hat headband.  Glad she got some use out of it.  I never did put the darn thing on:)

The Snow White shoes I ordered online didn't make it on time, so I had to improvise.  I bought some plain white sneakers at Wal-Mart, added some mod podge and snow white stickers, some bling, and presto!

Snow White!

A mouthful of M & M's!

We went to Fergus to visit Great Grandma and she had a Snow White book for Mya!  Thank you Great Grandma!!

Grandma had this adorable little bike and she and Mya found a little baby to ride on it.  It was so darn cute.

Well, it's been a pretty busy day!  Off to bed we go!


Anonymous said...

What an adorable costume!

James, Keisha, Nevaeh, Bodin, Jaxtin said...

Cute Cute!

Fiona said...

checking in from follow me chickadee.
I hope you'll check my blog out too.
Your daughter is GORGEOUS. :)

Shannon said...

What an absolute cutie pie!! Good thinking on the shoes! :)

Ashley O. said...

Mya made a beautiful Snow White!! You did a great job on the shoes!!! :)