Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Fall, How I Love Thee

Recently, to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, Randy and I headed out to the lake.  We have a travel trailer camper set up out at my dad's place in Ottertail County.  Ya Ya (my mom) watched Mya and hubby and I headed out there with his three dogs to soak in the awesome fall weather and views.
Dad's barn with the lake peaking out in the background.  Pretty sure this is what my heaven will look like.
Papa Bear,Baby Bear, and Mama Bear:)
Dakota.  Her tail appears fuzzy in the pic because she never stops wagging it...furiously!

Princess Halle

Sweet Willow

We went up the road to Inspiration Peak.   Inpiration Peak is , basically, a hill (more like a mountain) that you trek up to get to an overlook.  I nearly died hiking up it.  Randy had to keep turning around to make sure I was okay.  I'm such a loser!:)  Note to self:  walk on your treadmill and get that a$$ in shape!  From the overlook you can see several lakes and the yummy fall leaves.

The View From The Top

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