Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Little Fashionista!

So Mya has suddenly taken a liking to all things fashion.  She likes to choose her clothes all of the sudden, her socks, her underwear, her hair clips.  Ugh.  I dreaded this day and it is here.  It is SO here.  She REFUSES to wear anything without an elastic waistband.  And when I say "refuse" I mean shrieking!!!! at me, "NO!  Must have a stretchy, mommy!  I can't breathe!!" each time I try to put a pair of jeans or any "real pants" on her.  She has a plethra of leggings.  Striped leggings, polka dot leggings, solid leggings...ugh.  Again, I say, UGH.  Well, atleast she looks sooo darn cute in leggings;)  Anyway, I divulge, I wanted to share with you the dress Mya picked out for Easter..... and the one I actually bought (gasp!).... 
I went to Target.com and pulled up all the Easter dresses the other night and handed the iPad to Mya and asked her which one she liked.  She purused them with some careful consideration and finally pointed to a yellow, polka dot poof of a dress.  I laughed and thought, "she'll forget she even picked that one."  A couple days later I repeated the same thing (handed her the iPad) and told her to pick a dress.  Lo and behold, she pointed at the yellow mass of satin and said, "Mommy, I told you, THIS one!" 
So, I thought, if that's the dress she wants, that's the one I'll get.  Fine.  It will make her so happy.  So, off to Fargo I went.  I found this yellow dress....  biggest size they had it in... 24 months!  Eeek.... (Mya's in a 5T).  So, I opted for a different one and am HOPING Mya will understand... 

Here's Mya's very enthusiastic selection:)  Look at all that yellow lovliness!

Here's the one Mommy picked

Phew!  I usually hate Target for this, but today I thank you Target for your limited selection:)

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Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Fun, fun, fun! But really they are both cute dresses.