Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Disney Princess on Ice

Ya Ya got us tickets to Disney Princess on Ice at the Target Center in Minneapolis this weekend!  Disney Princesses happen to be Mya's current obsession, so the timing was perfect! 

Mya and Ya Ya coloring at Ya Ya's house before we head into the city for the big show!  I got Mya a princess shirt to wear and she would not stand still for me to get a picture of her in it.  So, the infamous running shot is the best I could do:)
The Minneapolis skyline.... 
At the Target Center getting ready to head in to the show:)

Daddy bought Mya a snow cone in a Flounder cup.  They were $15!!!!
Ya Ya bought Mya this princess light up thing... that was $20!!!  It's crazy what they can sell stuff for at these things.  Oh, and our box of popcorn was $7!  Isn't that crazy!?

Mya and her Daddy
Alladin and Jasmine

The Seven Dwarfs

Our sad attempt at a family photo!

We got stuck in traffic on the way home...  traffic was actually backed up all the way to the parking garage.  Mya took this shot of us from her carseat:)
Mya so proud of her Flounder cup!

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April Westerhold said...

Looks like a lot of fun!