Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland

As of this past Monday it had snowed 19 days in a row here.  Yes, that's right, 19 days in.a.row.  We have snow coming out of our ears!  I've been told we have a total of 29 inches of snow on the ground. That sounds about right.  Not only that, but today it was seven degrees BELOW zero when I went home for lunch.  With the wind chill, the lovely weather man just told me on the radio that it actually feels like TWENTY SEVEN degrees below zero outside.  Seriously!  Our whole neighborhood is blindingly white.  Everyone's yards are white, the roads are white, the sky is white......  This morning I drove out of my garage and right into the ditch on the other side of the road!  Sunk my car so far in snow that I couldn't even open the driver's side door to get out.  Mya is in her carseat in the back seat screaming, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!"  I told her everthing was okay, Mommy had just driven the car right into the ditch.  She told me the cops were going to come and get me!  Ha!  So I crawled over the center counsel and exited my ditched car through the passenger door.  Thank goodness Miss Mya was in the carseat behind the passenger seat.  I unloaded her, went in the house, called my work to tell them I would be late, called Mya's preschool to tell them she would be late, then called my lovely husband to come pull me out.  He was thrilled.  You see, it wasn't snowing, it wasn't windy.  It was actually a sunny morning and he just couldn't understand how I ended up in the ditch. Right in front of our house.  Well, Mya told him when he got there that "Mommy just drove straight in the ditch, Daddy!  I'm going to be late for preschool!"  Thanks for ratting me out, Mya!:)"  I told him the sun was too bright and that everything is white and the ditches are full of snow, so they're level with the road and I just couldn't even tell where the road was!  "Uh, huh", was his answer to that.  He promptly pulled me out of this mess and Mya and I were finally off to school and work! No big deal, just another day in the artic tundra!  Anyway, all of this just got me thinking about the state of our little town because of all of this snow and cold.  It is actually quite amazing.  It's amazing how we all survive.  I grew up in this and we all just throw our flip flops in storage come September and pull out the parkas, boots, and gloves.  It's just a part of life:)  We go from lounging on rafts at the lake when it's 90 degrees and sunny out to tromping through 2 feet of snow to get to our front door:) I know some of my readers live in much warmer places and I really am posting this for you guys so you can see what it's really like here:)  I'm pretty proud to be a Minnesotan/North Dakotan (we live in a border town) and even though winters can be VERY tough around here, it's a pretty special place to live.


April Westerhold said...

I thought we had it bad with our 12inches. Ugh. I think I would just go insane.

april@Party of Five

Anonymous said...

It looks quite picturesque on photographs! We've had a terrible bout of snow during this winter and it's caused havoc for us (country isn't geared up to cope, but that's a whole other story!!).

Beautiful pictures, even if they are a little cold looking!
Found you via Friday blog hop.
CJ xx

Anonymous said...

I'm totally relating to the too much snow and WAY too cold! It was 20 below here this morning. ugh. Pretty pictures though. :-) Happy weekend...

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

WOW! You poor things - that is a lot of snow!

I love the photos though! It's been years since I ahve seen good snow! Can't help it sorry! :)

I showed the pics to my 2 girls & they were in complete awe!

New follower - love the blog & can't wait to see/read more!

Would love if you stopped by our blog when you ahve a moment!


Nancy said...

Oh wow so beautiful! 19 days though, that's a lot.
Visiting from the Friday Blog Hop. So nice to meet you. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower to your blog from the Social Parade Friday Blog Hop. Nice Blog. I'm hoping to meet new friends and gain some new followers so if you have a minute please stop by and follow back.

Have a super week,