Monday, January 24, 2011

Mya's Dress Fitting

So Randy's sister is getting married on February 12th.  I'm a bridesmaid and have my first dress fitting tomorrow.  As I was getting stuff ready for that I thought I better try Mya's dress on her just in case it doesn't fit and I have to take that in as well!  Nothing like doing this stuff last minute...

Randy has one sister, Aleshia (the one getting married), and 3 brothers.  Aleshia has two daughters, Jude and Ellie.  Jude will be a Jr. Bridesmaid and Ellie will be the flower girl.  All of Aleshia's brothers are groomsmen in the wedding and the wives of the three borthers who are married (one of those wives is  me) are bridesmaids.  Sorry I'm trying to make this as least confusing as possible:)  Anyway, what I'm getting at is all of these married couples (Randy's brothers and sister) have kids.  All those kids are girls.  All six of them:  Jude, Grace, Penelope, Lillian, Mya, and Ellie.  And, they're all 7 and under.  So with all these couples being in the wedding we're all going to be wearing matching wedding attire.  We wanted the girls to have matching dresses as well so that our family pictures will look super sharp.  So, my mother-in-law and father-in-law bought the girls these dresses:)  Mya calls it her "wedding dress".

Green hair clip and striped socks will be upgraded for the wedding day!

My mother in law had bought them all these white faux fur baleros for Easter last year, so they'll be wearing these as well.  A little hilarious:)

In order to get Mya to smile for pictures I have to say funny things like "Chicken butt!", "Aligator boogers!".  This was her reaction:)

Mya in her "wedding dress"


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Nancy G said...

How cute...........I am thinking we need to come have some May time soon!! Love Nancy

Nancy G said...

I mean Mya time!!!!!!

b. lee said...

how darling does she look!? sweet sweet stuff :)