Friday, November 26, 2010


Pheasant hunting opener is in October in ND.  Starting on that date my husband becomes a hunting-obsessed lunatic.  Because he's gone hunting A LOT he thought he better get me some flowers to keep the peace:)  Smart man.   
Somebody from Child Protective Services is probably going to show up at my door after posting these pics of my daughter freely riding aound in a backhoe!  She loves it... her daddy loves involving her, too.

A much safer spot to watch daddy work.

The fashionista!  Just got her these boots and she thought they paired well with jammies, a fleece hat, and necklace:)

I saw our boots sitting like this and just thought they looked so darn cute!!  This also says to me, "Winter is Near!"

This is Mya's newest CHEESE! face. 

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April Westerhold said...

Your flowers look like my wedding flowers. Beautiful!