Sunday, October 05, 2008

Puffer Vests

So, I always wanted to have a baby and then buy that baby a puffer vest and then buy one for myself (so that we're matching;) and then take a puffer vest picture! Yes, I'm a little bit crazy. Just a little bit. I know we all have big dreams like matching puffer vest babies!


James, Keisha, Nevaeh, Bodin, Jaxtin said...

I have had that same dream!! J/K :) I have always wanted the whole family to dress up in themed halloween costumes. I am pretty sure that won't ever happen.

ashleykmorgan said...

OMG I died laughing at my desk when I read that. I can't wait to see Mya this weekend, she will have a girls day out with me and mom on Saturday while you guys move....she will be exhausted.