Saturday, March 08, 2008

Girl's Night Out!

So tonight was the annual Pheasant Banquet in Mantador that Randy always goes to with Curt Berg, Rance Berg, Josh Hasbargen, Jason Andel, etc. Well this year, Curt's wife, Sue (my friend Kari Hasbargen's Mom) decided to have a girl's only Pheasant party at her house. So all us gals got together with our little mini gals and had a night out (well really it was kind of a night in, but still it was so much fun)! Thanks Sue for a great time!

Here's Mya with Paityn and Jamie Andel's little girl Anneesa. Mya is 7 1/2 mos old, Paityn is 10 1/2 months old and Annesa is 7 mos old.

Mya completely crashed after a fun night with the gals!

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