Monday, October 08, 2007

A Busy Weekend...

Being silly and bored waiting for daddy to come home on Friday night:)

We thought we'd give the boppy a shot on Friday:)

Mya took a snooze on Saturday night so Mommy and Daddy could watch a movie. Notice how she's started to curl her leg up so it doesn't hang off the bouncer! So funny!
Finally starting to smile for real! Mommy couldn't wait for this:)

We went to Fargo on Sunday to get daddy all ready for pheasant hunting next weekend and stopped over at Auntie Ashley and Uncle Nathan's for a visit.

On Sunday night Mya was in a good mood, so thought it would be an excellent chance for me to get a pic of her in Grandma's Bev's dress. Too bad it's blurry.
Last weekend Ya Ya came to visit and brought me this ADORABLE little leopard hat. It has matching little mittens too:) (We call Grandma Lisa "Ya Ya" because "Ya Ya" means grandma in Greek- pretty hip:).

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Jim & Nancy Grotluschen said...

How cute!! She has grown so much, we have to get over to visit real soon. She is at a real fun stage.
Enjoy her they grow up way to fast.

Love Nancy