Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Name Game is OVER!

Okay, so I really hesitated disclosing our name to everyone, but decided I'd better. With all the babies popping up, and pregnant friends and family everywhere I decided to advertise my name to the world so no one else takes it! That's smart, right?? So, I'm laying claim to our name; here in writing:) So, the name of our little girl is (drum roll....) Sayler:) Now, just because I've published it here, doesn't mean I can't change my mind (hint, hint MOM!), but today that's what it is:) I told Randy he can pick the middle name as I kind of had to lobby for Sayler and convince him it's perfect. But, don't start embroidering any blankets yet! You never know... but I do LOVE IT. p.s. THANK YOU to everyone who called me and emailed me and posted suggestions on here. I loved that you guys took interest and it meant a lot...even if I did shoot down everything you recommended and told you names you gave me were ugly or reminded me of fat middle-aged women:)

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