Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Remodeling!- BEFORE

Talk about major nesting! We finally decided to remodel our house. With the help of my dad we've started on this crazy journey. It all began with a 4 hour shopping spree at Menards! My dad wouldn't let us leave til we had EVERYTHING and we still had to go back AGAIN the next morning. We're putting in new flooring, doors and trim, new roof, fence, replacing some siding, and redoing the main floor bathroom. Don't tell anybody, but we also bought a TV and sectional:) Hee Hee! Can't wait to post the AFTER pics. Below are all the BEFORE.
The BEST part of the whole remodeling project- this is where the DISWASHER WILL BE!!!!! Yippie! (notice all the dirty dishes in the sink... this is a regular occurance and Randy and I always fight about who's turn it is. It's usually always his. )
New entrance flooring coming soon! New walls, too.

This will be the baby's room. Right now it's just full of crap. Carpet is already ripped up- waiting for the new stuff.

Dad trying to install the new tub. No- it's not BLUE, that's just the plastic over the top. We tore out a blue tub.

New pine doors. I can't figure out how to flip these pics, so you'll just have to turn your head!:)

Our lovely kitchen flooring- BEFORE. It shows every spec of dirt and little dog hair! Cannot wait for the new stuff!!!

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James, Keisha, Nevaeh & Bodin said...

Welcome to the blog world! It is so much fun to see pictures of everyone. It sounds like you guys are pretty busy. I saw Ashley and your mom today. You will have to let us know Wed. what you guys are having! We are so excited for you!!