Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Bailey at Christmas:)
The kitty dad got Ashley for Christmas. He's pretty much NUTS and she has to put him on time outs at home because he's so naughty! I was at her apartment helping her cook supper and he jumped up on the stove while I was browning hamburger! He also bites and scratches like a vampire!

I wanted to tell my three favorite gals I was expecting in a unique way, so I bought little tiny baby socks and attached a note to them that said "guess who will be wearing these soon!?" Then I wrapped them up in little Christmas bags, one for each of them, and had them all open them at the same time on Christmas Eve. Pretty fun to see the looks on their faces when they all opened them up:)

Grandma Bev, Ashley, Mom, and I.

Ash, Mom, and I (and Bailey in the corner:) (he won't leave my side for very long. We didn't want him in the picture, but he wouldn't move!) on Christmas Eve at my house.

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