Friday, February 15, 2013

Our House at Christmas

I always like to post pics of our house at Christmas and didn't want to skip it this year.  Sorry they are so late!  First off is a few pics showing what Elfie was up to in our house this year:)  He's a little stinker!

Stealing Mya's Halloween candy

Playing Candyland with some of our Christmas friends Elfie must have recruited.

Elfie snuck Skipper out of the Barbie house for a late night joy ride!

The shelves in our living room.
I was obsessed this year with the whole "Christmas Scenes in a jar thing"...  You'll see lots of them:)
This is the family going to get the Christmas tree scene:)

Cute little canvas prints above Mya's coat hooks.  These didn't go up until, probably, Dec. 23rd.  I could not for the life of me find a place for them.  Then, one day it dawned on me to hang them here and I LOVE them there!

The giant wreath... it's still hanging there and I'm embarassed to say this garland is still up too!  I promise it's the last of the Christmas stuff to take down...

Our advent calendar from Grandma Bev.  Mya would constantly try to sneak the mouse ahead a day or two..

A "Christmas Scene In Jar- with lights!"... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!  When I went to dump the fake snow and lights out of this all the snow had melted around the lights and to the bottom of the jar.  Ummm, not cool.  Don't tell the hubby.  He didn't like this idea from the beginning:)

Our "Christmas Cards from Years Past Tree".  We started doing Christmas cards together in 1999! Two years before we got married!  The first picture was taken in Randy's college apartment in front of his and his roommates Christmas tree.  The tree had budweiser beer bottle lights on it! lol!

Sometimes I think I might over do it a bit!  I seriously just can't help myself.

The first jars that started it all...

My and Mya's Christmas craft projects.  We dipped jumbo marshmallows in white paint and stamped them to make the snowmans.

These two stockings are in memory of the puppies we have in heaven:  Bailey and Halle.

Mya got this Little People nativity set from Elfie on the morning of Christmas Eve as his good bye present.  Santa picks all the elves up from their houses when he comes to deliver presents in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.  He brings them all back to the north pole.  Mya was obsessed with this thing.  She wanted to make sure that Jesus' manger was glowing for the picture.  She added some of her other Little People animals to the scene.  I'm not sure if there was really a tiger there for Jesus' birth:)

Our mantel downstairs.
Ta Dah!  So that's it.  I can finally wrap up Christmas.  I'll try to update my blog now with pics of our trip to Mexico and Valentines Day!

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