Monday, January 09, 2012

Christmas Morning and The Miranowski Chirstmas Par-Tay

Miss Mya Christmas Morning

Standing by some of the gifts Santa brought

Mya's Daycare Christmas Party

We all got together at Matt and Amy's house this year for the Miranowski Christmas.
Mya got princess shoes from Granmda and Grandpa Miranowski.  She dug through Popi and Lily's dress up stuff to find the dress to complete the Ariel ensemble

It's always a good time with the Miranowskis:)  We pushed the dining room table aside and had our own dance:) 

 Grandma Steph and her girls...

Mya and her cousin Lily

Mya and her uncle Steve

Uh oh- it's getting a little wild!

Another great Christmas:)

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