Thursday, December 15, 2011

St. Mary's Christmas Concert

Tonight we went to watch my nieces (Mya's cousins) in the St. Mary's School Christmas concert.  Grandma asked that all the girls (even the ones not in the concert yet- you have to be in kindergarten:) to wear dresses so she could get some pictures...
Looking at baby Jesus.  Mya wanted to pick up Baby Jesus and hold him so badly!  She just loves babies right now.

Jude, Ellie, Grace, and Mya.  I could not get rid of that red eye in Grace's left eye! 

I ordered Mya's Christmas outfit online this year and it hasn't arrived yet.  Luckily Jude had one Mya could borrow.  Mya was so proud that it was Jude's dress.

Sweet Stuff.

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