Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall Catch Up!

We had the Tahoe packed for one last weekend at the lake.  notice how the only seat in the back is Mya's!  Got her set up with the customary headphones, iPad, and sucker.  Perfectly peaceful for Mama.
Jasper has a little bed set up on the floor:)

A perfect day for riding 4-wheeler.

Mya's 4 wheeler was the perfect size for Papa!

Hmmm, Randy looks cute on pink:)

Just last weekend Randy's mom and dad brought us to Shakopee for the Renassaince Festival to celebrate Merrill's Birthday.  Steph had been there before and said all the little girls dress up in fairy costumes, so she brought one for each of the girls.  The picture of Mya's isn't the best, but I couldn't resist because of her sassy pose!  (I wonder if she realizes how she really looks! lol!)  Uggh, I've always hated fake kids tattoos.  Mya has smurfette on her arm.  Classy;) 

The suckers were a hit.

Grandma Steph and Ellie Belly

Jude getting ready to go on the Bunjie Tramps!

It makes my stomach do flips just looking at this picture!  Eeek! 
 Auntie Aleshia rode the elephant with Ellie and Josiah, and Mya. 
LOVE Aleshia's hair. 

 Look at those cute little kooky buns and fairy wings!
Daddy helping Mya on the pony ride.

Swinging with Grace and Jude in some giant medival looking bird swing thing.  Whatever keeps the kiddos happy!

 And...... we're done.  It was a fun time had by all!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Miranowski!!

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