Monday, August 08, 2011

Strike a Pose!

We had a crazy busy weekend.  Randy was gone on a fishing trip at Lake Sacagawea near Bismarck and whenever he's gone I fill up mine and Mya's schedule so that we don't have too much time to miss him.  We kind of like him, so it's hard for us when he's gone:)  Friday night we had movie night and watched RIO!  I love love love that movie.  Mya likes it, but prefers anything with the Disney Princesses.  She tells people, "Rio is Mommy's favorite movie." 
Saturday we headed to Great Grandma's in Fergus to see Ya Ya and Auntie Ashley.  Ya Ya made tatortot hotdish and Grandma made cherry pie.  All delicious!  Half way through our visit at Grandma's the power went out!  Apparantly something happened at the power company and Grandma lost power for about an hour.  We were just about to head out the door when this happened to spend the rest of the day at the lake, so Grandma said, "No problem.  I'll just read a book by the window:)"  Any hit of positive attitude I have I got from my Grandma Bev!
The lake was beautiful, as always.  Mya and Ya Ya played checkers while I snuck in a much-needed nap.  It's exhausting taking care of a VERY busy 4 year old and Randy's 3 dogs when he's gone.  Completely exhausting.  Pretty sure I was napping with my mouth wide open.  Drool and all. 
Sunday we headed back to Fergus to celebrate PaPa's Birthday.  We had lunch at the Mexican restaraunt, hit up the park by the otter (huge, gigantic hit with the munchkin) and then ended the day with Dairy Queen.  Mya decided to indulge us in an impromptu photo shoot right outside the Dairy Queen.  She was in a very girly mood this day.  The morning started with her accessorizing her party outfit with a necklace, bracelet, and the huge pink poofy headband you'll see in the pictures.  She obviously looked just smashing!  Hope everyone else had a great weekend, too!

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