Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Fun Summer Weekend!

Missy Mya is always all smiles when we're out at the lake.  We got there just as it was starting to get dark Friday night...

Even though the water is FREEZING, Mya just couldn't resist!

My Birthday is coming up (do we really have to keep counting?  Let's just stop at 30:), so dad bought me a cake.  At least it's a good excuse to have TWO peices of cookie dough ice cream cake!
Ran in another 5K in Fergus with my cousins Keisha and Erika.   Yes, I'm completely hooked.  This one completely kicked my butt, though.  Terrain in Fergus is a little different than Fargo and Wahpeton.  The route must have drug us up four hills.  Not really a good excuse, but sheesh!   
The kiddos with their marching sticks.  Quite the imaginations these four have!  I love how much time Mya gets to spend with her cousins.  Thanks for coming out to the lake Nevaeh, Bodin, and Jaxtin! You guys always make it so much fun for Mya! (We kind of like when you're mom and dad come to hang out, too;)
We came home early today to go to cousin Beth's graduation from Breck.  Here's Missy Mya all dolled up:)

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