Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miranowski Christmas!

I know, I know!  This post is a little late;)  BUT, I couldn't skip posting these pictures! With everything being so crazy around Christmas I just never had a chance to get these photos on the blog.  So, I present to you.... The crazy Miranowski Christmas!

Mya and Ellie on our bed.  Chillin with the magnadoodles.

Time to bring all the presents in!  All of those gifts are from Grandma and Grandpa Miranowski! 

So excited!

Mya and Lily helping carry in a present together.

Holy smokes Grandma Steph!  We have no idea how she fit all of these in her car...

We told them they had to wait patiently on the couch while we sorted the gifts;)

And the opening began!

Grandma got them a group gift of assorted musical instruments!  They created their own band.  It was very, ummm..... interesting!

Sweet little Ellie- looking as exhausted as I was after all of this commotion!

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