Sunday, April 04, 2010

And.. Let the festivities begin!!!

Here is Mya pushing cousin Popi in her car.  We'll call this picture "driving Miss Daisy":)
In a dress or not, Mya can't stay away from her slide!
Here's all the cousins sitting at Mya's new picnic table.
Trying to get a group picture is always completely dramatic!  We have 6 cousins- all girls- I mean what can you expect?  This is the best I could do:)  Atleast they're all standing up and in the shot!
Time for the Easter Egg hunt!  Be sure to check out the girls' rain boots in all the pictures!  I think they'll be starting a new fashion trend... poofy dresses and rain boots, so cute!
Jasper would sniff out the eggs for the girls!
I missed getting a shot of the pinata, but here are the girls gathering all the candy that came out.  Being "Miranowski Girls" they completely kicked the bunny pinata's butt!  They were even kicking it once it was empty and on the ground!
Here's Mya hanging with Grandma Steph

Me and My My....  My love...

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