Monday, March 15, 2010

No Pics- But Funny Story!

Hey all my faithful blog readers!  So, I don't have any new pics for you, but I do have a funny story to share...  GROSS OUT ALERT!
  • So Mya and I were laying in my bed one night reading stories before bedtime.  She's got this lovely new habit of picking her nose.  I usually tell her not to do it when we're in public, but when we're at home I let her pick away!  I know, I know... gross!  I pick my nose, why shouldn't she be able to.  I just don't do it in public, so I'm enforcing the same practice for her:)  ANYWAY- she had dug out a nice fat little booger and had it on the tip of her finger and was showing me.  She's quite proud of these little things.  She was shoving it in my face, so without thinking really I told her just to flick it.  I yelled, "flick it Mya!  Flick it!".  Well she thought I said something else, so she brought it to her mouth and LICKED IT!  OMG I died laughing!

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