Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Catch Up

Mya's super adorrrrable Christmas Outfit!

Sometimes we just find Mya doing the strangest things.  From the shoes and the phone I think she's pretending to be Mommy in the pic below.  Oh geez, is that what I look like!!

This is Jasper's usual reaction to everything!
Mya's FIRST push up!  I totally forgot these things even existed until I ran into them one day in Wal-Mart!  I run into everbody in Wal-Mart!:)
Mya L-O-V-E-S to go outside with Daddy (I'm not really that outdoorsy when the temperature is FRIGID! and the snow is up to my waist... Not my kind of fun) and doesn't mind a single bit getting all bundled up.  She is sure to let me know if I've forgotton a "bundle-up" item.  I've been known to send her out without certain winter essentials.  Oops!

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Erika, Cory and Noah said...

Oh are just too cute for words! Noah talks about Mya and would love to play with you soon!