Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years Letter

So, last year I came up with the idea of writing my Christmas letter on my blog instead of sending it out with my cards. I thought I'd continue with that tradition today while my little munchkin is sleeping and the hubby is watching football (ahhh ME time!!).
Phew, wow, where do I start! This past year was one of craziness, moving, changing jobs, and just all around leaving people wondering, "What the heck are those Miranowskis doing now!"
All the upheaval started when I decided once and for all that I just plain old hated it on the (very rustic) farm we had moved onto a year ago this September one mile N of Abercrombie. Some of you may be asking yourselves, "They moved to a farm??". Yep we did, and almost as soon as I got out there I wanted off!:) Randy loved it as we had deer crossing our driveway every evening in droves to feed in the corn feilds surrounding the house, we a had giant heard of turkeys that would wander through our back yard, and the peacefullness of being on 10 acres surrounded by trees and beautitul feilds. BUT, we also had mountains of snow and torrential rainfall that left us snowed in and in the spring the rain left us with a washed out driveway and culvert! Randy's job had him working out of town for weeks at a time, so I was there alone with a one year old (going on two) and we both just decided it was time for a move.
So, this past October we moved to our new house just outside of Wahpeton in an addition of about 2 dozen houses called the Schmidt's addition. It's just a quarter mile from Wal-Mart and takes me minutes to be in city limits! We've all "grown" to love the new home in the short time we've been here and Randy's already planning on putting up his new shop in the back this spring. This fall I also decided it was also time to send my career in real estate packing and look for a job that would give me a little bit more stability and wouldn't have my cell phone ringing at all hours of the day and night. I was hired as a property appraiser with the Wilkin County Assessor's office  this September and began working full time. I was apprehensive at first as I had been staying home with Miss Mya two days a week, but it's turned out well and I'm loving it! They actually give me a paycheck EVERY MONTH!! I can't believe it!
Randy is still with Central Power Elecrtric Cooperative and really enjoys his job. He does work out of town a bit, but has been home this entire winter- which Mya and I LOVE. We even went to visit him on the road a couple times, so that was neat, too. Randy spends most of his free time hunting, hunting, and hunting! He got a THIRD dog, yes, a THIRD dog this past summer to aide him in his hunting endeavors. Now he has three: Halle (Viszla), and Willow and Dakota (both German Shorthair Pointers). They've spent the fall hunting pheasant and Randy has had a chance to spend time with his dogs and good buddies. Oh, and while we're talking about dogs we also go a new little dog for Mya and I last year as well. His name is Jasper and he's a Bichon/Schitzu mix. He's a little crazy, but we love him!
And last but not least there's Little Miss Mya. She's two and a half already! CANNOT believe it! She's busy carrying on actual conversations with anyone who will listen. She says things to Randy and I like, "Mommy, let's go!," "Daddy, come here!", "No I don't want to!", and the like:) She's such a pleasant and obedient child!:) She spends most of her time just plain RUNNING around the house, jumping on her mini trampoline, caring for her herd of babies, and making me "coffee" in her play kitchen. She went to her first movie yesterday with my mom and I and she absolutely adored the experience! I can't wait to do it with her again soon! She also loves spending time shopping with her Mommy (when we drive into the Target parking lot she yells, "Yeah! Shopping!".) Randy hates that she does this! She loved to be outside in the summer and fall and when Randy would come home with pheasants she insisted on watching while he cleaned them. When they were cleaned she would yell, "Yummy sammy (sandwhich)", and we would have to explain to her that she couldn't eat the pheasant raw! This of course horrified me and I've succumed to the fact that my little girl is much more like her outdoorsy, athletic, hunting father than I ever thought she would be!
I could go on and on with stories from the House of Miranowski, but I'll spare you:) That was our year in a nutshell and I cannot wait to tell you all about our fabulous year of 2010 next year. Same time, same place!

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