Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Okay guys, so it's been so long since I've updated that I figured I'd just post a bunch of kind of random pics just to catch you all up a bit... We moved this fall and I started a new job, so I haven't taken as many pics as I would have liked... Oh, and Mya will NEVER look at the camera, so it seems like I'm not getting very many good ones either:) Anyway, I'm happy to be blogging again and will share again soon. Also, anyone looking for our new address it is 7751 Marie Street, Wahpeton, ND 58075. You know how I love Christmas cards!!!:)


This is Mya riding in the train that Keisha's family constructed. We were out at Raguse's for Jaxtin's Birthday and Mya absolutely loved this thing! She wasn't scared of it at all and WOULD NOT get out of it. She rode in it for most of the day:)Here she is riding with her third cousin Maddie...

Even if Mya won't look I still got a cute shot of those curly pigtails I guess...

Playing in Papa's lake with Auntie in my cute keener (bikini)
Bustin' a move at Auntie and Na Na's at home wedding reception in Fargo... Daddy had a lot of fun this night, too ;)

At Kiefert's at home reception
One of Mya's favorite things this summer- trains, specifically Thomas the Train and Thomas's friend Rosie.


Mya was Baby Bop for Halloween!

Auntie was "Dora the Explorer"!!

Thanksgiving Day... Mya would not stand still for me to take a picture. She never really stands still, actually..

Mya's favorite place to play at the new house is in the garage. Here she is riding her trike...

Daddy was working in the garage one night and Mya wanted to be in there with him, so I put her in her stroller and gave her a bedtime snack and she was perfectly happy out there...

Here's Mya and her good friend Paityn Hasbargen. Paityn and her parents came to our house to watch the Vikings game.
Great Grandma and Ya Ya came to the new house to help Mommy put up Christmas decorations.

Ya Ya gave me a "weight-watchers" ice cream bar:)

Last pic of the night: I just found Mya like this last weekend. She had put her hat and gloves on and had found a towel and told me she was "cleanin!" Sometimes 2 year olds do the weirdest things!!! Do they have to grow up?

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