Monday, March 16, 2009

Girl's Pheasant Party

So every year all the guys go to the Pheasant's Forever Banquet, so us gals get together for lots of food, wine, and fun! Here's all the little gals in their dipe dipes! SOO CUTE!! One of them is for sure gonna have this pic in their graduation slide show! Man, this is what life is all about.
From left: Mya Miranowski, Anisa Mayle, Paityn Hasbargen, Rhiannon Andel, and Emma Hornstein.

The Slide- the most famous toy of the nigh. I think Mya may be trying to budge in this picture!

This is Mya, Paityn, and Anisa at the Pheasant Party last year!
P.S. Thank you Kari for an awesome night! It was so fun. Thanks also for the pics. I stole them off your blog as my camera wasn't working that night. :)

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