Monday, January 12, 2009

Sorry Just Words

Hi All- my camera is currently out of order, so I'm unable to post pics at the moment. Mya and I are snowed in today, so thought I'd just write a quick update and tell you a tish about what we've been up to. I didn't do a Christmas letter, so thought this could serve as such. So, we're finally settled down on the farm. We got our home with wheels (it comes with a title and everything!) moved out here this fall. It rained for days so moving was horrendous. We didn't have a chance to put either decks on or the skirting around as it froze up as soon as it finally dried up. We got half our cirlce drive put it, so atleast we have a driveway to the front door. We have hay bales lined up all the way around the trailer that serve as insulation since the skirting is going to have to wait til spring. Yes, this has been quite the adventure to say the least.... more like, quite the "Redneck" adventure! I should write a book. I'm trying to keep it short, but among the most memorable movinb moments is Randy blowing up the furnace and the broke down back how that will remain in my back yard till spring (if you don't know what a back how is it's a giant piece of heavy machinery, this one is yellow). It's right in the middle of our back yard and makes for quite the view.
Mya is growing exponentially it seems. She's very tall for her age and we like to think she's quite athletic. She's changing everyday and loves to learn new things. Learning the names of different objects and animals is her favorite activity right now. We look at animal flashcards for hours. She also loves Barney. We have gymnastics on Tuesdays and play club on Fridays, both of which she really loves. She loves people and activities. Her favorite animal is a turtle- she's a bit obsessed, and she also enjoys brushing her teeth:)
I'm still doing real estate and am now a Realtor for Edina Realty instead of Luhman. I left Luhman this summer and decided to go after bigger and better things. The fargo Edina office agreed to take me on and let me keep my office in Breck. I love it, even though the market sucks (there is no better word for it). Edina has been fantastic and they're an awesome company to work for. Another Realtor also joined my office last January, Jana Johanson. She's also from Breck and is part of my Breck office now. It's been the best thing ever. I love having another person around and don't know how I lasted so long in the business without her. I work out of the office 3 days a week and Mya goes to daycare on those days. The other two days of the week I stay home with my munchkin, which has been a tremendous blessing and I LOVE being able to do that- thanks Randy!
Randy left Scott's electric last year and went to work for Fagan, the company that was building the Hankinson Ethanol Plant. He finished up the Hankinson plant with them and was fortunate enough to stumble upon a job opening in Wahpeton, which he was offered and took. So, he is currently working for a company called Central Power. Their main office is in Minot, ND, but they recently opened a new hub office in Wahpeton. Randy and one other electrician work out of there. This also has been a tremendous blessing for us and this is what allowed us to buy our farm and allows me to stay home with Mya and focus much of my time on being a mom. Thank you Randy for all your hard work!! Randy loves this new job and the company he works for is really wonderful to their employees. We've traveled to Minot for a summer picnic and for the Christmas Party. Randy does have to work out of town 90 days a year, but we're fine with that and Mya and I make due.
We've had a lot of changes in the past year; many of which neither of us ever expected. But, we're happy to have "stumbled" onto all of these new things and are now just busy making this farm a home. We're planning on this being our "forever place", so we've got a lot of work to do this spring to make it just how we want it.
So, I guess that's what's going on with us. Sorry to bore you! I know you'd all rather have pics, so I'll get some more on very soon! Happy New Year and Have a Fun Snow Day!

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khasbargen said...

Like your letter! Let's get together soon so the girls can play..or maybe we should get sitters and go out ourselves! Talk soon!