Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mya is 4 mos old!

We have a mini photo shoot on Mya's monthly Birthdays. Here's her 4 month shots.

This is Mya and Cooper. Randy gave me Cooper for our first Valentine's Day together in the eighth grade. Cooper is now Mya's.

Mya loves this bear blankie that Keisha and James gave her. When I set it on her tummy she grabs it and hugs it and sucks on its nose!:)

After the photo shoot I thought it would be a good idea to put the tree up. What a pain in the a**! I forget how much work it is to put these things up every year! I didn't even take it down last year. I just took the ornaments off of it, threw a sheet over it and put it in a bedroom downstairs. Just lugging the darn thing up and putting the lighta and ornaments back on is a chore. I was sweating when I was done!


James, Keisha, Nevaeh & Bodin said...

Oh, she is SO cute! Your tree looks beautiful. I am not looking forward to that job either. Last year it was a total of about 9 hours to get mine up. I am wondering if I'll even get to put it up this year with the move. We will have to wait and see.

ashleykmorgan said...

Mya looks so different everytime I see her! She looks so pretty in her pictures, such big pretty eyes.....I can't wait to see her again, I wish I wasn't sick :(