Monday, September 10, 2007

Misc. New Pics

Mmm Hmm. Cutest little munchkin you've ever seen, isn't she:) The reason she looks a little frightened in this pic however is probably because right before this was taken I had sat her on the couch like this without a pillow on the left of her and she proceeded to tip over! Whenever incidents like this occur I seem to get the giggles- I don't know why- and it takes me a minute to compose myself and sit her back up right or take care of whatever has happened. For those of you who are gasping in horror- I only get the giggles if she is unharmed and not crying! So she's staring at me here wondering if she will again fall over only to find her mama crouched in front of her laughing so hard she can't even rescue her from tipdom.
Me and my little peanut. I think she looks just like Randy in this picture. This was taken right after we got home from Wal-Mart last week where Mya had her first public breakdown! People were staring at me! Mya put on a show like she was STARVING and needed that bottle RIGHT NOW. We were in the middle of checking out with a line behind me, so I'm trying to unload the cart while simutaneously making a bottle with one hand while trying to stuff her nuk in her face with the other. Mya was not impressed! She took one little suck of the bottle I had made and promptly spit it out and was fine. I think she was testing me!

Mya LOOVES her baths. Here she is looking up at Pops.

Mya is getting too big for the bouncer she loves so much! Her little feet hang off the end! Too cute.

Mya's first trip to Target. Mommy is a marathon shopper and can't wait to drag Mya along for all the excursions. Gotta start training them young!

Mya asleep with her daddy. Randy says when the baby sleeps we're supposed to sleep! Well, when the baby sleeps I do dishes and laundry!

I can't forget my other baby, the furry one, Bailey. Here he is exhausted after helping me take care of Mya all morning. He loves her and has surprised everyone by neither biting her or peeing on her. If you know Bailey this is no joke! He protects her and licks her cheek when I hold her. He has to be near us all the time and he growls at the big dogs if they even try to sniff her. I knew my little Bailey would come through!


ashleykmorgan said...

Oh my gosh that picture of Mya on the couch is ADORABLE!! she looks so tiny and perfect! It looks like you two are having so much fun with your new little person, I can't wait to see her again this weekend!

James, Keisha, Nevaeh & Bodin said...

So Cute!! Wow, I might have to send James your way for a litlle training, Randy has even given a bath!?!? Where did I go wrong! Hope all goes well for the both of you when you return back to work! It is hard to leave them, but that smile when you walk in the door and they see mommy is the best.

CullenMichelle&Olivia said...

She has gotten so big & so cute! She is definitely an adorable keeper! You have Randy trained so well I am impressed!